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Original WW1 Poster advertising cigarettes


Code: 12180


W: 59cm (23.2")H: 85cm (33.5")

Color poster issued about 1917 showing three soldiers--one smoking and one lighting a cigarette--waving good-bye from the railing of a ship on their way to the war in Europe, with the message "Our boys need the makins on their way 'over there'", to raise money for An Army Girl's Transport Tobacco Fund, which supplied tobacco products to troops boarding transports to the war. (Editor's note: In 1917, Margaret Sumner Carson, after learning that troops leaving for the war in Europe did not have time to purchase tobacco products before boarding the ship, took out a loan, purchased tobacco products, and distributed them to the soldiers on board the transport ships before they sailed. She then created An Army Girl's Transport Tobacco Fund, which continued to help supply soldiers on their way to the war with the "makins" (e.g., tobacco and papers used to roll cigarettes).

Condition of this original poster is very good!