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We have specialised in shepherding items for many years now. Here is a selection of most of the shepherd's crooks that we currently have in stock. Prices vary in rarity of shape, region, whether they have a furrowed back and how they are made etc. Note, all these crooks are genuine original English Shepherd's Crooks and not to be confused with the many fakes and repros made from converted garden hoe heads.

I have labelled them so you can identify a specific crook when emailing. 

Note a crook that is under 1.5m long can be sent for £22. If longer than this the cost is approx £29.

Only crooks A to E are under 1.5m

Crook A.  £110.  Leg Crook, furrowed back

Crook B.  £95.  Leg Crook, Lincs/Norfolk

Crook C.  £125.  Leg Crook, sweeping guide

Crook D.  £98.  Leg Crook, Large swirl

Crook E.  £195.  Romney Marsh Neck Crook

Crook F.  £110.  Leg Crook, Lincs/Norfolk

Crook G.  £98.  Leg Crook, East Anglian

Crook H.  NOW SOLD

Crook I.  NOW SOLD

Crook J.  £110.  Wiltshire Leg Crook

Crook K.  £125.  Leg Crook, furrowed back

Crook L.  SOLD.  Leg Crook, finial end

Crook M.  £98.  Leg Crook, Tring, Herts

Crook N.  £115.  Leg Crook, in old cart paint

Crook O.  Now sold

Crook P.  £220.  Neck Crook, Romney Lookers Crook

Crook Q.  £220. Neck Crook, Romney Lookers Crook

Crook R.  NOW SOLD

Crook S.  £115. 19th cent Leg Crook, with furrowed back (possibly formed from gun barrel) 135cm

Crook T.  £220.  Neck Crook, Romney Lookers Crook with finial end 198cm

Crook U.  £195. Neck Crook, Kent or Sussex Crook 134cm