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Very Rare English Flax Comb 1847


Code: 11107


W: 35cm (13.8")H: 35cm (13.8")D: 21cm (8.3")

Museum quality. Very Rare English Flax Comb. One of a pair I have bought, both in excellent condition (one I am keeping).

The one I am selling says WADDINGTOM BRADFORD CAST STEEL 13 and has owner's initials carved in of W. A.

The one I am keeping which is identical also has the name MILES  BATES 1847 stamped along side. Almost certainly both have come from the same farm or mill.

Both have wonderful patination and are in good order. There is a hole on the end and midway along the handle obviously allowing the comb to be fitted to part of a bench or similar. Normally I don't buy Flax tools as they are always continental. This is the first time I have seen English Flax Combs. Most of the Flax industry had died out in central Britain by the mid 1800s with most linen being produced in Ireland and abroad.