18th Cent Finely Carved Pipe Rack

18th Cent Finely Carved Pipe Rack

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Stunning piece of carved treen, this pipe rack is large measuring approx 20 inches across with holes for 17 pipes.
The carving is beautifully done. I am not sure if the figure is a 'Green Man' as the face is surrounded by foliage, leaves and flowers. The top of his head is hollowed out for the tobacco.
The lower frieze has a female head of a woman in the centre, crossed pipes to the  left and a tobacco jar depicted to the right.

The patina is good and I am guessing a date of mid to late 1700s. I don't know its origin but would guess it could be Dutch as they were very into smoking items back then.

I am selling the rack with 3 old clay pipes though these are not as old as the rack but do set it into context. Note the long pipe which is more the style that the rack would have housed originally has a sleeve repair. If you wire the pipe in the hollow and glue you could make it look fine quite easily.