Large Size Dairy Delivery Cream Can

Large Size Dairy Delivery Cream Can

Code: 11877


W: 33cm (13")H: 36cm (14.2")D: 29cm (11.4")


Antique Dairy Delivery size Cream Can with brass hinge and front lip fittings. This size would have been carried round the streets and the measuring ladles could hang from the rim. passers by would then buy specific amounts of milk or cream baled out into their own vessil. Once empty the ladles could be stored inside of the can.

This delivery can was made by Lister who manufactured a lot of the Dairy cans and tools from the latter part of the 1800's through to the twenties. It has the brass maker's label to the front as well as quality brass hinge fittings and a wide brass lip marked 12 Quarts. Additionally there is a brass tap to the front and insides the original brass scale measuring in quarts too.

This is a good quality large Dairy can and can double up for storing cat food etc in a kitchen if justifying a use.