Simple Working Farm Smock

Simple Working Farm Smock

Code: 11954


H: 104cm (40.9")


This is a rare 19th cent English Shepherd or farm worker's Smock. Made from typical heavy linen it is not to be confusd with the common French smock shirts. These smocks were out of fashion by the 1880's so a rare item. Why is it priced so cheaply? Basically it is more simple in design with little fancy decoration and only smocking at the neck and cuffs. There is the odd mark and occasional small hole/tear typical of a working garment. The buttons are linen covered and all original. Buttons are on both cuffs as well as atthe neck. This smock is typically double sided so no front or back. It would have been worn over corduroy trousers and a shirt etc and sometimes a neckerchief tied above the collar. (My old neckerchief shown is not for sale)

It shouldn't be under rated however as an original and authentic piece of rural social history and would make a great addition to any shepherding collection etc