Code: 13262


We have specialized in shepherding items for many years now. Here is a selection of most of the shepherd's crooks that we currently have in stock. Prices vary in rarity of shape, region, whether they have a furrowed back and how they are made etc. Note, all these crooks are genuine original English Shepherd's Crooks and not to be confused with the many fakes and repros made from converted garden hoe heads.

I have labelled them so you can identify a specific crook when emailing. 

Note a crook that is under 1.5m long can be sent for £18. If longer than this the cost is approx £29.

Crook SC1.  RESERVED Dipping Crook, 20th Cent, 'S Shape" 142cm long

Crook SC2.  £195 Neck Crook, Romney Marsh, an excellent example 158cm

Crook SC3.  £110 Dipping Crook 'M shape',166cm

Crook SC4.  RESERVED Exceptional, triple swirl leg crook 149cm

Crook SC5.  SOLD

Crook SC6.  £128 19th cent Generic or E. Anglian single swirl Leg Crook 134cm

Crook SC7.  SOLD

Crook SC8.  RESERVED Exceptional, triple swirl leg crook 152cm on original narrow shaft

Crook SC9.  RESERVED Elegant triple swirl leg crook shanked with brass ferrule 152cm 

Crook SC10.  £185 Very fine 19th Cent Leg Crook with deeply grooved back 9probably Wiltshire/ West country)174cm

Crook SC11.  £169 19th Cent leg Crook with wide back and finial end. Norfolk/Lincs, Cotswolds 174cm

Crook SC12.  £195 Excellent 19th Cent Kent Neck Crook with finial end 183cm

Crook SC13.  £220 Exceptional Romney Marsh Neck Crook 165cm