Large 19th Cent Shepherd's Horn Lantern

Large 19th Cent Shepherd's Horn Lantern

Code: 10461


W: 20cm (7.9")H: 51cm (20.1")D: 20cm (7.9")


Very fine 19th cent english Shepherd's Lantern in very good condition and being one of the largest lanterns I have seen.

It has 4 x panelled windows (one opens as a door). All the original horn is in place with typical cracks and distortions from time and use.

Door hinges and original candle sconce are intact also. The roof has 3 x dormer windows with 7 hole vents. There are also other small rood holes in the roof canopy to help with ventilation. The carrying handle is a solid ring hanging above thefluted tin heat guard.

The base is intact. The side windows have both lateral  spars and vertical struts. The word 'Lantern' derived from 'LANT HORN' when hand lamp windows were made from cow's horn. When you light these early lanterns you are recreating the sulphur yellow lantern light of lambing in a sheep fold.

This lantern famously came from the 'Norris collection' which was one of the best shepherding collections sold in recent years.

Why am I selling it??!! probably guilt at having kept too much recently. I am putting it up for sale for just a limited time only. I have several lanterns of varying sizes in my collection and this is one of the largest. If it doesn't sell quickly at this price then It will happily creap back into my collection again!!