Antique Shepherd's Leg Crook.

Antique Shepherd's Leg Crook.

Code: 10213


H: 135cm (53.1")


• Antique Shepherd's Leg Crook - nicely made.

• Leg crook with grooved back (strengthening device - sign of a good blacksmith)

• Curved sweep to leg guide

• Raised single swirl

• Groove continues down the head curl only

• Mouth opening 1.25 inch

• Crook C in the multiple pic.

• County not known but came from Suffolk.

• Original rustic shaft (could be Holly).

The shepherd was the highest paid of all the farm workers on a farm - he held the most responsibility looking after the master's flock.

This is a leg crook and would have been his everyday working crook. There are also Neck crooks, dipping crooks etc which were used only seasonally.