Small size Warrener's (Rabbit) Spade

Small size Warrener's (Rabbit) Spade

Code: 13370


W: 12cm (4.7")H: 138cm (54.3")


Here we have an excellent example of an East Anglia Warrener's Spade. This one is of small size and well used. Known locally as Grafts a Warrener would trap the rabbits on an estate abd have the Warrener's Rights to that patch. The spade end was used to dig access to the holes to set snares and Purse nets etc. He usually carried a ferret and a Jack Russel or similar. The ferret went down the hole on a trace wire with a bell round it's neck. If the ferret didn't return then the hook end was thrust down the hole and the trace wire wrapped over the hook allowing the ferrtet to be retrieved.

These spades are now scarce and very much a part of farming history to this area. Original shaft with good patina.